hi. i'd love to have you on the podcast.

My name is Oz and I had the silly idea to create this podcast. I love asking learning about the spiritual counterculture and seek to have conversations with practitioners of modern magick.

interested in being a podcast guest?

Hippiecritical is always looking for interesting people to talk to, particularly experts of esoteric arts and the spiritual counterculture.

step 1: get acquainted

Check out the podcast to see if you dig the theme of the show. Listening to the trailer will give you a good idea of why Hippiecritical exists.

step 2: fill out the google form

The Google Form helps us start the conversation about potential podcast topics.

step 3: have a fun interview!

If it’s a match, Oz will set up a time to record in-person (Los Angeles) or virtually. While Oz will work to make all episodes available in a timely manner, the editing process & content strategy will dictate if and when episodes will get released.